Storyline Fun

Just playing around with Storyline…

storylinefun(Click to play!)

Html5 version : Here

Further testing into the fun-ness (haha) of using variables etc. – Have a go!

There is so much that can be done in Storyline! I’ll probably add more slides to this as I test more…

My Nurse EDU

NurseEDU intro

(click to preview course)

A recently finished project for NurseEDU. They were interested in an introductory promotional piece to create an interest in their courses. NurseEDU is creating opportunities for Continuing Education for Nurses in Japan in an online format so that they can upgrade their skills while still working.

We included samples of previous courses and an ‘invitation’ to attend a seminar in Tokyo later this year.

Created in Articulate Studio 09

Restaurant Training (Demo)

(Click image to view demo)

This was used as a demo to showcase various ideas on the way a course could be created.

  • custom colour schemes
  • various graphic backrounds
  • Use of fonts for emphasis
  • Incorporating Audio
  • Interactive Scenario with different outcomes or tracks
  • Engage samples
  • Quiz sample

learn: Autism course

Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome

A course created for Learn Quebec (while at Etraffic solutions)

I enjoyed the light colour scheme for this one incorporating the colours from their new logo. (not my design)

I sourced images, and used ‘notes’ for a less structured feel of providing information.

Happy Birthday


(Click to play)

‘Happy Birthday’ is done in a brand-new software (yet to be released) by Articulate called Storyline. I was invited to be a part of the beta-testing group and I think it will be an incredible asset to¬†future¬†courses! I can’t wait.

This was my first interactive project that I attempted based off a Birthday card “flowchart” that I received.